Domaine de la Marinière

Renaud’s parents fell in love with the land of Panzoult, in 1965. They worked very hard to build the cellar, concrete tanks...
In 1980, Renaud set up a farm with cereal field in Avon les Roches, and creates in 1999 7ha of vineyards in Chinon Appellation.

Later, he comes back to his parents vineyard. The domaine has now 14ha.

Renaud works as an independent winemaker and respect the chart of the independent wine: respect the terroir, working on the land, harvest his grapes, etc.

The domaine is divided in 13.5ha Cabernet Franc, 0.5ha Chenin Blanc.

Thibault Lavergne met Boris Desbordes, Renaud’s son, thanks to Nicolas Millerioux, our Sancerre producer. “I always love the wines from Chinon, they symbolize for me all what I like about wine: friendship and generosity shared in Bistro counters and memories of History and literature which you will find every where in the medieval town of Chinon on the foot steps of the local writer Rabelais and his hero Pantagruel who actually came in Panzoult, the village of the Domaine La Mariniére. Friendship and Histories it's all I want to share with Wine Story!” 

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Chinon 2017

The young vines, 23 year old, ...
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Chinon "Cuvée Arbre Mort" 2014

NATURAL/ORGANIC 80 year old v ...
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Chinon "Cuvée Arbre Mort" 2015

NATURAL/ORGANIC 80 year old v ...
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Chinon Blanc "Blanc Bec" 2017

Very different from the previo ...
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