Château Vannières - PROVENCE

Eric & Charles-Eric Boisseaux – Bandol 

Originated from Burgundy, Eric is using his winegrower’s skill to adapt his techniques from much drier conditions to produce wines with unique entitlement and elegance.

The landscape described by Eric in few words: “the origin of Château Vannières and Bandol, a magical place of clay and limestone soils where grow olive trees, cypress and stone pines. Also, the ‘Big Blue’ sea sculpts creeks and scarves deep abrupt and white inlets into the coast nearby. Finally, in the background blows the Mistral, our majestic wind that moves the area into a whirl of fascination.”


On the vineyard organic practices are carried out, no chemicals or synthetics products are used. 

Eric and his son Charles-Eric are producing wines in the excellence French way: “I make wine to serve dining at the table or simply to drink well”.